1. Regulations define the conditions of apartments reservation listed on moj-sopot.pl and sets rules for their use during stay.
    2. The reservation is tantamount to acceptance of the regulations.

    1. Reservations can be made by:
      a) on moj–sopot.pl website
      b) by phone: +48 796 395 277
      c) by e-mail: apartamenty@moj-sopot.pl
    2. After booking an apartment, the customer receives feedback in the form of pre-booking, which contains information about the payment and the date of payment of the deposit.
    3. Reservations are confirmed upon receipt of advance payment of 30% of the book for our account. Failure to pay within the prescribed period means the withdrawal from the Agreement and the automatic cancellation of the initial reservation.
    1. In case of cancellation up to 30 days before arrival the deposit is returned to the Customer’s account.
    2. If during stay customer will shorten or cancel a reservation it is not possible to apply for a refund for the unused period.
    3. My Sopot Apartments has the right, in case of events caused by force majeure to cancel the lease agreement. This also applies to cases in which the personal safety of the Customer or its assets, for reasons independent of apartments My Sopot, not be guaranteed. The amounts paid by the Client shall be immediately refunded, minus the amounts due for services already rendered.

    1. The customer is obliged to inform the My Sopot Apartments at least a day before the arrival of their estimated time of arrival to the apartment by telephone at tel. +48 796 395 277 or apartamenty@moj-sopot.pl.
    2. Visitor arrivals to the apartments is possible from 15:00 to 20:00.
    3. Other times are possible, depends on availability of the apartment and must be agreed with the My Sopot Apartments.
    4. The person making the check in has the right to refuse to give the keys if the customer:
      a) does not have a valid identity card
      b) is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
      c) behaves in an aggressive manner.
    5. My Sopot Apartments has the right to require refundable deposit in the amount of 500PLN when you check in the apartment. The deposit is returned on departure after inspection of the apartment by the apartments service.
    1. Client departure takes place before 11.00.
    2. Client departure takes place after 11.00 is possible, but depends on the availability of the apartment and must be agreed with My Sopot Apartaments service.
    3. Unreconciled extension of departure time is equivalent to the reservation for another day without being able to stay in it.
    1. The customer is obliged to observe the curfew in all My Sopot Apartments  from 22:00 until 07:00. In case complaints or police intervention My Sopot Apartments has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect without any obligation to repay the amount due under the remaining period of the reservation.
    2. Smoking is prohibited in all apartments. Violations of the smoking ban and tobacco products is agreeing to cover the cost of dearomatization which costs 500PLN.
    3. Animals stay is possible in selected apartments by prior arrangement with the My Sopot Apartments.
    4. The customer assumes full liability for any damage or destruction of equipment and technical devices located in the apartment arising from his fault or the fault of people visiting him.
    5. The customer is obliged to immediately inform the My Sopot Apartments service about possible defects and faults in the apartment and to report damage caused by them during their stay.
    6. The customer is obliged to properly secure the apartment, the exact closing doors and windows whenever leaving it and careful storage of keys with no access to outsiders.

    1. My Sopot Apartments are not responsible for any damage to property or personal incurred by you or third parties during the implementation of the Agreement.
    2. My Sopot Apartaments is not responsible for items left in apartments.
    3. My Sopot Apartments is not responsible for any inconvenience while staying caused  by: construction work or finishing operations that may be carried out in the building in which the apartment is situated, interruptions in the supply of media (m. in. of electricity, water, etc).
    4. Reserving consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of booking, location database client and for marketing purposes in accordance with the Law of 29.08.1997. On the protection of personal data. Personal data provided by the customer are processed by the My Sopot Apartemnts only for the implementation of the Agreement in accordance with applicable Polish law and the law on personal data protection. The data will not be transferred or made available to third parties.
    5. The law applicable to disputes between the company My Sopot Apartments, and our client is the Polish law. Disputes shall be settled by the court competent for My Sopot Apartments.

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